Top 10 Holocaust Films for you to Know

Top 10 Holocaust Films for you to Know

Through movies or films, viewers can be entertained, inspired, or motivated. But for real stories that happened in the past that is put in movies or films, it is a different story. The viewers can understand a little bit about the past events though it is not perfectly portrayed. One of the past history that were also put into a movie or film is the Holocaust. And there were different actors and supporting roles who acted in the Holocaust movies. There are top 10 in this list.

These movies illustrated the great tragedy that took place during the Holocaust. As mentioned in the video above, one is entitled “Europa Europa” that was released in 1990 and is a golden globe winning film. This is actually a true story of Solomon Perel who is a German Jew. In 2011, the movie “In Darkness” is also a true story of a man who fed and helped the Jews. “Au Revoir Les Enfants” released in 1987 tells a story of two young boys who became friends in Nazi occupied France. Have this company help to guide you in searching for someone. Check some of the great searching agent for more. This will be your guide and needed company.

The “Judgement at Nuremberg” released in 1961, “The Diary of Anne Frank” released in 1959, “Life is Beautiful” released in 1997, “Shoah” of 1985, “The Pianist” of 2002, “Night and Fog” of 1955, and a very popular film that touched the hearts of many viewers is the “Schindler’s List” released in 1993. Oscar Schindler is a Nazi businessman who protected and shielded over a thousand of his Jewish workers. All of these films gained popularity from the viewers. It made the viewers cry and felt compassion to all the victims.

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